DBA in Auckand 2012

Hi All,

Well we seem to have been too busy playing to actually paint in 2011! 2012 will be different.

We have chosen our theme for this year – Macedonian Successors. There are a number of armies available for this period, so giving plenty of variety:

  • II/14 Ariarathid Kappadokian
  • II/16a Antinonos
  • II/16b Demetrios
  • II/16c Alketas
  • II/16d Eumenes
  • II/17 Lysimachid
  • II/18a Antipatros
  • II/18b Polyperchon
  • II/18c Kassandros
  • II/19a Seleucid
  • II/20a Ptolemaic

Plenty of great armies to choose from!

We have also chosen our HotT theme for 2012 – 15mm Conan/Hyboria and 28mm Evil Empire (you know – that company that charges $700 for a single plastic figure….albeit a nice one…).

DBA and 15mm HotT basing is straight out of the box. For 28mm HotT basing we double the 15mm sizes: frontage 80mm, mtd depth 60mm etc. Distances double 15mm. Table is 1200mm x1200mm.

We have almost finalised our premises for the year. A nice warm place with lots of parking, meals available and a bar. Mmmnnnn.


Although not really organized under the aegis of MEDBAG, this was a fun DBA day last Sunday that built on the previous DBA day at the Auckland Wargames Club.

A report of it is available here:


Congratulations to John for leading the Marian Romans to victory and a special thanks to Benny for providing two extra armies (and a general for John!).

The Second Punic War Day at the Auckland Wargames Club went off very well yesterday. Six of us competed to be the Master of the Mediterranean. This accolade was won by John leading the Romans. There was the hope of an upset to history, however, when the Gauls, led by Mike, supplanted the Carthaginians as their faction leader. Reports can be found here:




and here:


All enjoyed the occasion and it seems a good format to repeat in the future; there are, of course, many periods it could be themed around. Thanks to Andrew for providing the figures, and to Mike, Steve and Joel for taking part.

The weekend before last we had a small-scale trial run of the 2nd Punic War day in November:


We may drop the fourth round and go straight to the BBDBA to make it more manageable for time.

The next MEDBAG event will be a 2nd Punic War day at the AWC on 07 November.

It will be in 25mm with figures provided by Benny. There is space for six participants, of which five are spoken for, though the armies they will command have not been assigned. There is, therefore, at the time of writing space for one more lucky participant!

The format is as follows:

10.00am for a 10.30am start.

Two teams:

  • Romans with Syracusan and Spanish allies
  • Carthaginians with Gallic and Numidian allies

As the event unfolds it may prove that one of these allies becomes the leader of that faction.

Rounds 1-3, each of one hour:

  1. Romans v Gauls,  Carthaginians v Syracusans and Numidians v Spanish
  2. Romans v Numidians, Carthaginians v Spanish and Gauls v Syracusans
  3. Romans v Carthaginians, Numidians v Syracusans and Spanish v Gauls

Attacker and defender for these is determined as normally for DBA, except that the aggression for each of the armies is the same (in effect 0). No loses are carried forward to the next round. Armies with options (pretty much only the Carthaginians and Syracusans) must settle on an army from them for the entire event. Numidian elephants and blades would be anachronistic for this period.

Round 4:

Top two Romans play each other as do top two Carthaginians. Bottom two fight each other again. This reflects some tension in the factions.

This round will determine the faction leaders for Round 5 (a BBDBA game), at which point the names of these factions may change!

Round 5 (BBDBA):

Attacker and Defender is determined by which faction won the most of its battles against the other.

The two winners of the round 4 play-offs have the biggest commands (15 elements), the two losers of these have the smallest (9 elements), while the two that were bottom of rounds 1-3 have the middle-sized commands (12 elements). This makes the play-offs count for more and reflects disaffected recently defeated allies!


The DBA day at the AWC was fairly low-key; a couple of battle between John and Mark:


The next event will probably be at the AWC too, on 07 November. It will be a themed event, probably on the 2nd Punic War and probably in 25mm.

DBA at AWC postponed

Due to GuardCon at the Auckland City Guard this weekend, we’ve decided to postpone the DBA day at the AWC that was scheduled for this weekend (19/09/10). We’ll now aim to have it the first Sunday of October (03/10/10).