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DBA Day at the AWC

Here are a couple of battle reports of the DBA day at the Auckland Wargames Club:



The day was very successful and has led to plans for more DBA events at the club.





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Conflict at Kadesh

I think there are enough names in to commit to doing a campaign on Kadesh. The players are:

New Kingdom Egyptian (I/22a) – Philip (?)
Hittite Empire (I/24b) – Mike
Mitanni (I/19) – Mark
Kassite Babylonian (I/21a) – Nick (?)
Middle Assyrian (I/25a) – John
Midianites (I/6b) – Grant
Ugarit (I/20a) – Dave
Minoan (I/18) – Kieran
Early Mycenean (I/18) – Joel
Syro-Canaanites (I/20b) – ?
Gasgans (I/4) – Simon
Early Libyan (I/7b) – ?

There’s room for more. We can always squeeze in a couple of Canaanites. I’ve not had a total commitment from Philip, but he did say he had a Libyan army, and I’d be happy to use it, if there was somebody wanting to go Mitanni (I’d lend them my army).

The date is looking like being the third Sunday of February, subject to BattleCry.

Looking at the Stillman & Tallis WRG book on the period, the chariots for the Assyrians and Babylonians are essentially the same as the Mitanni ones, so it’s best to avoid the blockier later period ones. Aegean and Anatolian types were doing their own thing chariot-wise, but the Mitanni were the ones being copied elsewhere.

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This blog is spluttering back into life after a long silence. There was a well attended DBA day at the Auckland Wargames Club (AWC) on 02 October, so now seems a good time to get MEDBAG promoting DBA activities again.

Following up on discussion at that DBA day, there was¬†interest in a themed day next year. The Chariot period was chosen, as it is a period that fewer of us have an army for, so it’d make for a doable project to each get an army that could then fight historical opponents.

The plan is to set a date early next year to give people time to get an army together. The day would be organised around a campaign like those that the Two Davids organise in the States. Here are links to some of them:



The rules are perhaps close to what is here:


These are one-day events with the idea of somebody becoming overlord by making others his vassals. The battles are standard 12 a side, but there is a little bit of diplomacy before each battle.

There are two possible periods up for grabs:

1. Kadesh:

Gasgans (I/4)
Midianites (I/6b)
Early Libyan (I/7b)
Minoan & Early Mycenean (I/18) *
Mitanni (I/19)
Ugarit (I/20a)
Syro-Canaanites (I/20b) *
Kassite Babylonian (I/21a)
New Kingdom Egyptian (I/22a)
Hittite Empire (I/24b)
Middle Assyrian (I/25a)

2. Sea People:

Gasgans (I/4)
Midianites (I/6b)
Early Libyan (I/7b)
Later Mycenean & Trojan War (I/26a & I/26b) *
Sea People (I/28) *
Ugarit (I/20a)
Syro-Canaanites (I/20b) *
Kassite Babylonian (I/21a)
New Kingdom Egyptian (I/22b)
Hittite Empire (I/24b)
Middle Assyrian (I/25a)
Early Hebrew (I/27)

The armies marked with a star could have more than one player, for the rest it’s first in, best dressed.

The first decision is which list to go for. I’m open to preferences.¬†The biggest difference between the lists is the replacement of Mitanni, and their 6 LCh, with Sea People and their 4Bd and 3Bd. The change from Early Mycenean to Late is also significant. We’ll decide on the which of these two periods we’ll go with once we hear back from those interested.

There is, of course, options for follow up events with these armies.

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